What Is the Role of The Principal?

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The term principal in hypothetical terms means responsibility and leadership. No doubt that a Principal is a position whose ability determines whether or not a school will grow and be successful. The students, teachers, and staff depend on a Principal to guide them to a bright and innovative future. It is believed by many that Principals are the critical actors in improving the culture, teaching, and learning conditions of a school. It must be understood how important it is to create and maintain a healthy school environment and culture. And this feat can only be achieved by the Principal.

Derek R. Shuelein; an exemplary Principal

A persons’ personal home life reflects his professional life as well. The same is the case for Derek Shuelein. As a father of three kids and the head of the family, Derek works hard and tries to be a good father. His quarantine project even consisted of building a treehouse for his kids. Derek even acted as a host family for numerous Chinese exchange students, some of whom are still in contact. This proves how caring and handy Derek Shuelein is as a person. This directly reflects his career in the educational sector.

In fact, Derek has been in the educational sector for more than a decade.  He has done his BS in Secondary Education, Social Studies from Pennsylvania State University and continued his education till he got his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Manhattan Ville College. Derek Schuelein has dedicated his life to his students. He has multiple professional certifications such as School Building Leader, School District Leader, and Social Studies 7-12, proving him more than capable of being an exemplary leader of his current High School, Rye High School, Rye City, NY.

What brings success in Schools?

Multiple studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between the behavior of a Principal and the achievements obtained by the students. The friendlier, open, and encouraging a Principal is, the more a healthy environment is created inside the school premises and the more active and achieving the students become.

Not only the health of the students is in question for a successful school, but the teachers’ well-being and mental health is also in the hands of a Principal. The instructional practices and school organizational health are essential to maintaining as they guide the whole school to a brighter future.

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Derek Schuelein is a passionate high school educator and principal for high schools in the U.S.

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