What Does a School Need to Be Successful?

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If we were to list the things that affected the well-being of the teachers and had a substantial impact on them, the leading role of a Principal comes out on top. Then comes the creation of a healthy and learning environment and assessment of the professional development outcomes. The development of the teachers is directly proportional to the development and growth of students. Students also require a growing environment and a positive culture that allows them to achieve to the best of their abilities. When the teachers and students grow together in a synchronized and ideal way, the whole school shines in the eyes of onlookers despite the school being from a low or high socio-economic background.

But what, or rather who is the critical factor in binding all these different things together and promoting the school? The answer lies in the Principal. A change of Principal can make or break the reputation of a well-known and successful school. A good Principal can bring a school to its height of success. On the other hand, a bad and inexperienced can run the school down to the ground with more failures than achievements.

The Principal called Derek R. Schuelein

The Pandemic affected the Educational sector in the worst ways possible. Along with damage to mental health, the teaching and learning ability of the students and teachers were also affected by the Pandemic. Derek Schuelein developed and implemented school-wide remote and hybrid learning models. He also helped train teachers and provided online PD sessions to convert lessons to an online format using instructional technology.

Other than that, Derek also initiated a portable device pilot program in the Math department to promote active and discovery-based learning. He led the development of his current High School with a budget of $20 million. These are just a few of the feats that he achieved in 2020-2021 when he became the Principal of Rye High School, Rye City, NY.

Ending note

Multiple studies have shown a direct relationship between a principal’s behavior and the achievements garnered by the school. The friendlier, open, and encouraging the school culture that the Principal creates, the more chances there are of the school being recognized as the best. Principals like Derek Shuelein prove how a good Principal can overcome any difficult feat, even a Pandemic. With the leadership of such principals leading schools, success is not an unattainable dream.

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