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CTE stands for Career and Technical Education that combines high school education with pre-advanced courses that can help students in future education. This program is for high school graduates.

The CTE program is designed solely to improve the problem-solving and technical skills of the students so that they are more competent and stand out among other students in the field.

The curriculum is designed in a way that the students can develop into professionals and can take on the field challenges even before entering the university.

Advantages of CTE Program in High School

Young high school graduates are always eager to learn new things and develop interests. CTE program helps students to decide which field is best for them. They get familiar with all kinds of careers which is why they are able to make a confident decision for the college and university major and future career.


As the job market becomes more competitive, it is important for students and graduates to have skills that can increase their employability. CTE program ensures that the students have employability skills that can benefit the company.

Skills and Experience

Experience is what most of the companies ask from fresh graduates. CTE program helps in developing skills and gain experience in the field through a detailed curriculum.

This curriculum is designed by professional educators and counselors that can fit the criteria of the job market and is accessible to the student as well.

Curriculum of CTE Program

A CTE Program is usually a job shadowing or internship that takes place outside of the school. These internships are at a basic level that can give the students an idea about the field of work they are about to choose as a career path.

The most common fields included in the CTE Program are information technology, business, health services, tourism, STEM, and communications.

The curriculum is designed on yearly basis based on the demands of the industry-based technical skills requirement.

Final Words

CTE Program is an advanced program that high schools students opt for in order to gain an upper hand in the job market.

It not only fulfills the technical requirements but also the academic requirement for college.

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